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Taking One For The Team – The 5th album

The whole history of the new album composition, according to the information we offered in our website, began in mid-2012, when the musician Sébastien Lefebvre, during a interview, told that 2013 would be the year of composing for the fifth album, but that its time release could not be said because they wanted to make even more success than the fourth album.

The official announcement of the work on the new album was made on June 15, 2013, via a tweet from the singer Pierre Bouvier. Weeks later we had an interview where the drummer Chuck Comeau commented about the composing process.

At the end of March 2014 it was time for Jeff to comment about it, saying that the new songs would be incredible.

Back in May, we had the announcement that Pierre was working on his voice with Gary Catona, who is an expert in the issue. At the end of that month, during an interview, the singer revealed that we would have a 70’s vibe on the new album.

In an interview in late July 2014, Pierre and Chuck commented that the release of the new album was dated to 2015 and that they would come to the studio in September. But not long after, came the rumor that the album would come out only in 2015 second semester.

In late August 2014, it was confirmed that Simple Plan started recording the first vocals,  but concealing it with the lyrics writing.

Chuck says the album was starting to get ready through a photo published in September 2014 and a month later Pierre said that they have finished some songs.

In another interview, Chuck comments that the fifth album might have about 11 tracks and still in November, Jeff said the band would enter the studio officially only in January 2015.

During the charity event of the Simple Plan Foundation on November 2014, the band played ‘Boom’ during a concert as a preview of the new CD. After this event, it was announced that the album would be released between May and June 2015. About a month later Jeff announces that the band is choosing the songs that will be on the record.

As promised, Pierre and Chuck return to work in early 2015 and posted some pictures on their social networks notifying the fans.

Chuck Comeau updated fans with a big news: the band would enter in the studio on March 1st and also in February, we would have the announcement of the fifth album producer.

In March we had the revelation of a second song name, ‘Everything Sux’, and there comes big news: the band would finish recording the CD at the end of May.

The following month, April 2015, the band promised to release a new song between June / July, saying that the new album would be released in September.

Then begins the start of a mystery called “Saturday”, which was later released as a single, but it didn’t pleased the fans as well, then it was released only as a spare music.

Shortly after the release of Saturday, Pierre announced in late June that the band was about to release another song. Also in June, Pierre reinforces the album to be released in September and perhaps another new song would be promoted in July.

July is marked by new photoshoots for the #SPAlbum5 and the confirmation that Saturday was not really a single at all.

In August we have the release of the song  ‘Boom’, with a music video that inspired fans around the world and, therefore, took the silver medal for best pop punk music in August.

In October the band released a new song and a new video clip. This is about ‘I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed’ that would take part of the new album as the first official single.

With these news, Simple Plan fans came up very upset because the album did not correspond to pop punk genre, the reason the band became famous, but Chuck assured that it would make the old fans happy. Also in November, the band released the French version of the first official single from # SPAlbum5.

Soon after, the band confirmed that the new album would be released in February and promised a big surprise for November 30th: the name of the new album, ‘Taking One For The Team’ and its official release date: February 19th 2016.

On December 18th, it was revealed the full tracklist of the new album and released the presale for some countries. Later that day, special pre-sale purchase packages were sold.

Already on January 20th 2016 were confirmed two more collaborations on the new album: Jordan Pundik and Juliet Simms. And eleven days later, with the release of the back cover of the new album, we had the confirmation of an additional interest: the band R. City.

On February 5th Simple Plan released their second official single from #SPAlbum5, which name is ‘Opinion Overload’, and sooner was released a videoclip recorded with fans.

The 5th album of collaborations list consists of: Ian Kirkpatrick, Sean Douglas, Peter Wallevik, 3OH! 3, Alex Dezen, Captain Cuts, Alex Gaskarth, Mark Hoppus, John Feldmann, Simon Wilcox, Nicholas Furlong (RAS), Ryan Stewart! Jordan Pundik, Juliet Simms, R. City, Tom Higgenson, Adam Elmakias (with photos) and Howard Benson (5th album’s producer).

Simple Plan - Taking One For The Team

Check out everything that happened in order by date:

06.16.13 – Pierre announces that the # SPAlbum5 would start its production soon

– Pierre announced on Twitter that the band wouldl start collecting material for the next album

12.09.13 – Simple Plan announces writing music with Iam Kirkpatrick and Sean Douglas

– Pierre and Chuck join with composers to promote a great help in the album recording process

04.02.14 – The band 3OH! 3 is working on the new album with SP

– Chuck publishes on his Instagram a picture with the band 3OH!3 in the studio

07.21.14 – Pierre and Chuck reveals some news in an interview to Voir.ca website

11.11.14 – SP starts recording the new album in January (Jeff says this new in an interview with the Montreal Gazette)

12.11.14 – New album will be released in late Autumn

– The band plays for the first time the song Boom during the annual event of the SPF

01.07.15 – Simple Plan gets back to work

– Chuck publishes a pic on Instagram in Pierre’s studio, indicating that they’re back with all the “first working day” of the year

0.13.15 – SP reveals they would be on studio in March

– Chuck tells the news via a post on Instagram

02.20.15 – Adam Elmakias will work with SP in the next step of the new album

02.28.15 – Howard Benson is the producer of the new #SPAlbum5

– Chuck publishes on his Instagram a pic of him, Pierre and the producer

04.19.15 – Announcement that the recording process will end soon

– Jeff, when answers when asked by a fan on Twitter replies that the band has two or three weeks of work in the studio, and could finish the process in the middle of May

06.06.15 – Preview of the new album

– It’s Sébastien’s birthday and Chuck publishes a video of Seb playing some guitar riffs as  a preview of #SPAlbum5

07.13.15 – Photoshoot

– SP updates their social networks with some photos from behind the scenes of a new photoshoot in Montreal

08.28.15 – Videoclip release: ‘Boom’

09.13.15 – Chuck says the new album is starting to get ready

– Good news appear: Chuck reveals on his Twitter that they would end the composition process in two weeks and says he’s excited because the new album is getting ready

11.12.15 – The band confirms the new album for February

– To promote the single ‘I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed’, in an interview with CTV Morning Live, Jeff and Pierre confirm the release of the new album for February 2016

11.30.15 – Simple Plan announces the title and release date of the new album and also a new tour

18.12.15 – Simple Plan reveals the tracklist of the new CD and special packages for pre-sale

01.20.16 – Two new collaborations confirmed: Jordan Pundik and Juliet Simms

01.31.16 – New collaboration announced by the album’s liner notes: R. City

02.05.16 – the second single release: Opinion Overload

02.19.16 – Official release of the new album

Check ‘I Don’ Wanna Go To Bed’ feat. Nelly, the first official single from the fifth album:

And check out the second single called ‘Opinion Overload’, from #SPAlbum5:

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