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Solo Records – Sebastien Lefebvre

Sebastien Lefebvre saw the gap on the agenda of Simple Plan, an opportunity to launch his own music in the form of EP and till now, he released four albums. The first, You Are Here / Vous Etes Ici, was released on October 20th, in digital and physical and received several positive reviews, so that stimulated the musician to create a special version of Christmas, so the second EP, released on November 23rd, titled as Christmas etc., only in digital format and was attended by Katie Rox. His third release was last year, 2011, entitled Les Robots, released on March 08th digitally, and not sold, and then distributed for free by Sebastien on his own official website and also with the participation of Katie Rox in one of the tracks.

Now the musician, engaged in these projects, gave birth to their fourth EP – More Sake Por Favor – whose release date scheduled for July 20th which first single is the song “My Dear”, which was attended in the art of video clip from a fan named Jacob Drake.

Check out all the tracklists:

You Are Here / Vous Êtes Ici

Released:  20/10/2009

01 – Décoller

02 – Comatose

03 – La Nouvelle Vie

04 – Good Night

05 – I Fall For You

06 – Life Goes On

07 – The One

Christmas Etc

Released: 23/11/2010

01 – Stay (It’s Christmas)

02 – Other Side

03 – Rich

Les Robots

Released: 08/03/2011

01 – Frabication

02 – Sending You A Letter

03 – Catch Me (feat. Katie Rox)

04 – Tu Me Manques

05 – The Last Time we Kiss

06 – Crossed Out

07 – Getting Suck in my Head

 More Sake Por Favor

Released: 20/07/2012

1 – Intro

2 – My Dear

3 – Always

4 – Appel Au Secours

5 – Mystérieuse

6 – This Bed

7 – I Raise My Glass

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