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Everything about Simple Plan: The Official Story

Simple Plan with the book

There’s no way how to say, concretely, when the rumors of the Simple Plan book began, we only know that they originated on Twitter, in late 2011 and some interviews the band gave during this time talking about new projects that they had for 2012 – 2013, which besides the “photobook”, includes a new DVD.

Of course these rumors had sense because Chuck had already said in interviews in that same year, 2011, that he wanted to organize the history of the band, but still seemed a very distant dream for fans.

However, with the turn of the year, many expectations were renewed after the CD No Pads, No Helmets … Just Balls completing 10 years of release and it certainly was a special day. In February (2012), some mysteries were stalking the guys from Simple Plan, among them new singles and music videos, but many fans still wondered if it was finally the book. And so it was that after being so pressured by fans via Twitter, the guys reported that, in fact, were working on a book project, but so far it would only be a simple photobook.

But the attention of the guys were being divided the book and a DVD, and many believed that they were giving priority to the second one, to be a more dynamic content and also count on videos.

In an interview in March 2012, for Alter The Press, Chuck Comeau confirmed that they were working on a book with over 250 pages, but they also were interested in a DVD, with the main moments of the band.

In April, Chuck and Sébastien gave an interview to Le Jounal Of Montreal, after attending a Gala Dinner for the Juno Awards. It would be just another interview, if not for the fact that they said that many things could happen after the tour, like a release of a book or a DVD. This rekindled the flame of the doubt, because once again we did not know what would be the priority, the book or DVD.

Some months without news about the book, which was a closely guarded secret, and after a trip to Singapore, they published an interview with Chuck for Youth.sg, where he comments on the book, and we had our first rumor for the release: November 2012. And more, according to the material, the book would not be a photobook, but a complete biography of the band!

A few days after this interview, a blogger from Singapore managed an interview with Chuck, where he said, in a few words, that he was working on the book. Here’s what he said at the time:

We recently announced the book project we’re doing! It is a coffee table style, notes book, an autobiography, it all mixed. We have our friend Patrick on the road with us taking pictures and stuff of us since the beginning, 12 years ago. We got all these things and went in the back of our mind to do the book. After 10 years, we feel that this is the right time, as we have done a lot and we know we have much more ahead. I am very excited to share it with our fans.

A month later, Chuck and Seb, in another interview, said again that the band was working on the book, and seemed more certain than ever that the release would be in November.

After a month fulll of shows and events, Simple Plan seemed to have made fans forget the book… Although the end of August, Seb has spoken about it in an interview with UpVenue, everyone were sure it would be a great book.

n October, Chuck begins to drop stuff on his Twitter, saying the names of the writer, Kathleen Lavoie, and the graphic designer, Fred Jerome. But that was not everything: he was constantly saying on his Twitter things like “This is the biggest project I’ve been involved,” and “We put our hearts and souls into it.” In fact, it seemed that Chuck was, more than everybody else, involved in this project, because it was not usual to listen the same kind of things coming from the other band members.

During the same month, close to the release, we had the first taste of the book. The designer published one page that showed some credentials for concerts and performances by Simple Plan. Just six days later came the name of the book, Simple Plan: The Official History.

A week after the name of the book was revealed, some websites started pre-selling the French version, with a date set for November 8. At this point we had already rumors of the book cover, which was confirmed a day after we posted the cover photo.

A few days before the release, in late October, Simple Plan was confirmed for the biennial book in Montreal, and also for a special release with an autograph session at the bookstore Monet. The fans were already dying of anxiety by the book, and many bought the pre-sale even in French, just so they can have the pleasure of having it as soon as possible.

On October 31st, photos of the production of the book, where we could see lots of pictures that would be on the book, even missing a few days, the fans loved the pictures and circulated via Twitter for many people!

Simple Plan The Official Story signed

On 6 November, the book’s author, said details of how the book was written, in an interview with La Presse, and also said she followed the band since their first album. This has increased the confidence of the fans, that the book would tell many details of their lives, and not only what was reported in the media. On the same day of this interview, the biggest news: The book was finalized, Chuck and Seb were the first ones to post pictures on their Twitters.

Two days later, the band’s official website released a few pages of the book, and with great news, now fans worldwide could purchase the book through the Merch Direct. Many fans bought the book in English, which was still on its pre-sale.

On Nov. 22, the English book was officially released and fans worldwide were already receiving their copies. And then the band participated in a huge number of interviews, and made ​​headlines in major Canadian newspapers and the music press worldwide, because it is not usual that a band gets so careful with your memory.

The book is a bestseller and there are already lots of reviews and analyzes that say that the trajectory of Simple Plan was very well explained in the issue, bringing in great details what happened during more than 10 years. In addition, Simple Plan: The Official Story is a huge item collection for fans who want to know everything about them because they have information that had never been published and other things as drafts of letters, for example.

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