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Biography – Simple Plan

The history of Simple Plan begins in the 90s, in Montreal, when the drummer Chuck Comeau and Pierre Bouvier were 13 years old and were named ‘Roach’, a punk group in Canada. “Pierre and I have been friends for a long time,” Comeau said. “We have played together since the day I won my first heat.” In 1995, Roach was renamed Reset and released its first album in 1997, but in the following year Comeau was kicked out of the band and decided to devote himself to study. But very soon the drummer was drawn back to music, and in 1999, he began playing with his school friend, the guitarist Jeff Stinco. Sebastien Lefebvre, another friend that was also a guitarist, was soon added to the band, and then it was born. The only thing that was missing was a vocalist. “We went on a hunt,” Comeau remembers. “We knew millions of people, but the more we thought about it the more we realized we needed Pierre in the band.” Meanwhile, Bouvier was disappointed with Reset, where he was dealing with four functions in addition to the vocal ones. “I wanted to give up, go back to school and forget all this music,” Bouvier said. “Then one night I saw Chuck in the Sugar Ray concert in Montreal, and it’s kind: ‘I’ve got this other band, and we’re looking for a singer’. I went there and watched them rehearsing, and the music was very nice and very young, so I thought: ‘you know, I’ll just try again.’ “

The guys started to draw up punk-pop songs but things were still incomplete. “We thought, it lacks a little more,” Bouvier said, “but what else could we do? We thought it would be a very good thing if we had a lot of live interaction with the audience, so we decided to add another member. That way I could jump on stage and get closer to the audience.” There was David Desrosiers vocalist and bass player who had replaced Bouvier in Reset. Desrosiers accepted an invitation to join Simple Plan, what allowed Bouvier to jump among the people in the crowd. “We wanted to be a little different and a little more busy on stage,” Comeau said. “Our shows are more jump, have fun and go crazy. And because we have three people with great voices – Pierre, David and Seb we wanted to focus on the three harmonies and try to make it our special thing.”

The quintet recorded several demo songs and started playing punk shows for all ages, along with festivals like Van’s Warped Tour 2001, Edge Fest II and Toronto’s Snow Jam. “We always love the strength and energy of punk rock”, explains Comeau. “So every song we write had to incorporate this dimension. But we were bored. And even if our songs were contagious, they are never really pop. There’s always a lot of intensity going on. After writing most of our [first] album, we realized that we had a lot of contagious songs with very sad and emotional lyrics”, he said. “We think it was a pretty radical contrast. There are many people out there who are not too happy with what is happening in their lives, and it’s the same for us. It is very difficult to grow and get used to it. We are all between 20 and 30, but still felt very young.  Because we’re in a band, we never quit our adolescent years.” “In my head, I’m still a 17-year-old guy”, Bouvier agrees. “We know how these people feel, because we went through it, and we’re still going through it, then we know how difficult this is. We want them to feel as if we were talking about them for them. It’s a great feeling to receive a letter or an email from someone who relates to our songs and speak, ‘Wow, you are singing exactly how I feel.”

The 2002 album, “No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls”, was recorded in Toronto with the producer Arnold Lanni.They invited other friends from another bands, including Joel Madden of Good Charlotte and Mark Hoppus of Blink 182. 2002 also allowed  the guys to go on the road to promote the album. “We just wanted to play every day”, Comeau said. “I told everyone who works with us, ‘We don’t need any days off – simply check us’. It’s like the name says: Simple Plan. We just have this simple plan to go on the road and meet people and make new friends and just see who likes our band”.

In 2004, they released their second album, ‘Still Not Getting Any’, on October 26th.

They say they are much more mature on this album, because the previous one had songs written 4 years ago, when they had not much musical experience, but say they are still the same pranksters ever.

In September 2005, Simple Plan landed for the first time in Brazilian lands.

On September 17th the band played their first show in Rio de Janeiro, and the next day, were the first international band ever to perform at the “Mix Festival” produced by Mix Radio station in São Paulo. The band also took part in TV shows like “Jô Soares [Globo]” and “Gordo Freak Show [MTV]”, and also made a pocket show and a book signing in Sao Paulo before leaving the country. The band ensured that was in love with Brazil and promised to return soon.

Nearly a month after their visit in Brazil, the band gave a beautiful gift to their fans with the release of a live CD. The CD “MTV Hard Rock Live” was released on October 4th in two special editions: a limited and collector edition that contains the CD, DVD, botton, a patch and a paperback book with pictures of the show. The other version – normal one – only contains the CD and the photos of the show.

In 2006 the tour of the band was not officially completed yet, in September, they set aside a few days to perform at festivals and events in Canada and France. At the end of the year the band announced something bombastic. The band scored two new dates for shows in Brazil even after almost 06 months o the last tour.

On January 18th the band played an exclusive show for the global program “Big Brother Brazil” and on January  19th, 2007 the band performed at Claro Hall in Rio for an almost full house. The next day the band was time for São Paulo and they made a much bigger show than in 2005.

They performed at the Anhembi to almost 15,000 fans and finished the tour saying that Brazil would become the 6th member of Simple Plan and was the favorite country of the band.

On February 12th, 2008 was released the third self-titled album, ‘Simple Plan’. Its cover was decided by votes on the Internet, made by them, to see which one fans liked most. The CD has two versions: the standard version and the Deluxe, which contains video and two bonus tracks.

On June 21st, 2011 the band released their fourth album, ‘Get Your Heart On!’. The CD won many positive reviews and has four official music videos (Can’t Keep My Hands Off You, Jet Lag, Astronaut and Summer Paradise) and three singles (Jet Lag, Astronaut and Summer Paradise).


The release of this album in Brazil had great proportions: the songs reached the top of the charts in the Brazilian radios and most watched music during weeks on television playback means. Then, upon completion of the shows in Europe, our country had the honor of welcoming them to concerts in the cities of Teresina, Ceará, Bahia, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, all of them realized on October 2012. The reception of the boys was amazing and our website SPBR made a full and complete coverage of the show, showing anxiety and expectation of the fans.

Simple Plan: The Official Story

The band decided to offer its followers one more gift: a fascinating combination of a photo album, ‘scrapbook’ and biography, the “Simple Plan: The Official Story”, which was released on  November 22nd,2012. This unique material has two versions, English and French; on it, hundreds of photos tell the story of the band, photo tours, old and recent personal pictures, photos of concerts and many others. The journalist Kathleen Lavoie joined the files from the beginning of the band, a decade ago. The personal vision she brings the book makes you enter the story and get involved completely. Something we must have.

Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming

On December 3rd, 2013, the band made the worldwide release of the EP ‘Get Your Heart On – The Second Coming!’, a form of continuation of the fourth CD of the band. The songs ‘The Rest of Us’ and ‘Ordinary Life’ have an official music video on the band’s YouTube channel, with images of the band in the world.

Simple Plan - Taking One For The Team

2014 and 2015 were the months in which the band was more dedicated in the production of the fifth album, entitled ‘Taking One For The Team’ which was released on February 19th 2016. The #SPAlbum5 has two official singles: ‘I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed’, ‘Opinion Overload’ and ‘Singing In The Rain’, that has received lots of good reviews, having an average 8/10 where punk rock is very remarkable.



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