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Biography – Sebastien Lefebvre

Sébastien Lefebvre

Sébastien Alexander Pepin Lefebvre, is a guitarist and backing vocals of the band. Born: June 5, 1981. He is the son of Lorraine and Jean Lefebvre, his older brother is called Jay and has two sisters: Héloise and Andrée-Anne.

Seb started to gain a love for music at age 10 when he discovered his father’s guitar and started playing some chords. However the true passion emerged in adolescence when he began to become interested in Punk Rock. At 13 he saw a concert by the band Green Day on TV and decided that was what he wanted to do, then began to mimic the way Billie Joe Armstrong playing and that was how he learned to play guitar. It was also during his teens who was part of a garage band called “We’d Eat Her” that ended when his colleagues went to the University. Has worked as a janitor at his old school.

In April 2009, Sebastien put on his official MySpace a demo song, I Fall For You, which he composed, in which he plays with an acoustic guitar and asked the opinions of fans, because if liked, it would display other music of his own. About a week later, he put another song on his MySpace ,Comatose and soon after Good Night. Seeing the success and good reviews, decided to release their first EP, called ‘You Are Here’ / Vous êtes ici ‘on October 20, 2009.

On November 23, 2010, Sebastien, in partnership with Katie Rox, released a new EP, a rather detailed virtual disk with only three tracks, which made a significant success and received good reviews, called Christmas Etc. After, he continued investing in your solo projects with the launch of Les Robots in March, 2011 and next with the launch of More Sake Por Favor in July, 2012.

Sébastien got married to Laurence Monet on September 22nd, 2012. She works in a global travel agency located in Canada.

Since late 2012, Sébastien’s been working with his brother Jay and their work’s been showing great results. Lefebvre brothers have worked with lots of Canadian musicians by producing new hits and albums.

In October 22nd, 2014, Sébastien announced live during his show Man Of The Hour, cohosted by Patrick Langlois, that he soon will be father of a daughter. His baby was born, we believe who on december or january.

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