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Biography – Pierre Bouvier

Pierre Bouvier

Pierre Charles Bouvier is the lead singer of the band. He was born on May 9th, 1979. He is the son of Louise and Réal Bouvier and has two brothers: Jay and Jonathan. Before joining Simple Plan, he had a band called Reset. Later, he was the host of a TV show called Damage Control, broadcasted by MTV.

Pierre Bouvier discovered early his love for music. Despite wanting to be a marine biologist when he was younger, Pierre took up piano lessons and at the age of 9, he started playing guitar. During his teenage time, Pierre took a job as a cooker in a restaurant and after that, he attended one semester at university.

Besides guitar, he also plays bass, guitar, piano, drums and a little saxophone. With the release of their first album, he had the opportunity to travel the world doing what he loves most: playing music. He has four tattoos. He is a partner of the clothing brand Role Model along with Chuck Comeau and Patrick Langlois.

Pierre Bouvier became a father in the end of November 2011 with the born of Lennon Rose. She is the child from the wedding with Lachelle Farrar. The couple had another child in May 2013 and her name is Soren.

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