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Biography – Jeff Stinco

Jeff Stinco

Jean-François Stinco is the guitar player. He was born in August 22nd, 1978. No one knows the name of his father, but his mother’s name is Francine. He has two brothers: Jean-Philippe and Jean-Vital.

He formed the band along with Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau and Sebastien Lefebvre. Besides the Simple Plan, he is the agent of the Canadian band The No No Spots and produced one of their albums. He also has a production company called Stinco Productions. He’s is the only band member who has a background in music.

He has two daughters: Maya Stinco (born in 2007) and Zoey Stinco (born in the middle of 2008) with his ex-wife called France Turgeon, who was married along 19 years (1992 to 2011).

Before joining Simple Plan, he was a guitar teacher and participated in two bands called The Atomic Bananas and Mad Man’s Tales. He has participated in a movie called Nitro.

He’s a lot into business; this “hobby” resulted in some projects apart to the band, with bars and restaurants.

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