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Biography – David Desrosiers

David Desrosiers

David Phillippe Desrosiers is the bassist. Born: August 29, 1980. He is the son of Charlotte and Andrew Desrosiers, has a sister named Julie.

Since small that their main goal was to be part of a band and don’t even had other professions in mind. Still young he learned to play several instruments, including guitar and piano. Also can play the drums. He also discovered that he suffered from hyperactivity as a child. But the hardest blow of his childhood was his parents’divorce when he was just twelve years. Also went through a difficult time, when his sister had cancer and almost died.

During her teens, has proved a rebel and was even expelled from school, but because he had good grades was again admitted. He worked in a branch of McDonald’s.

In a interview on october 2015, David spoke who has switched to a vegan diet on march of that year.

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