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Biography – Chuck Comeau

Chuck Comeau

Charles-Andre Comeau is the drummer. Born: September 17, 1979. He is the son of Françoise and André Comeau, his brother’s name is Louis. He was a founder of the band Simple Plan.

Early that Chuck had piano lessons. His real passion began when he entered the 7th grade and met Pierre Bouvier, already a fervent lover of the art of creating music. During one year, Chuck, studied law at McGill University in Montreal, but he was not satisfied with the course, so switched to Journalism the following year.

During two years, Chuck became an agent of the band and made it in his main priority. He bought the yellow pages of the Rock and was informed several publishers. The band (Simple Plan) then actually being hired, and today 10 years later, isone of the biggest bands in the world.

Comeau works hard with the boys in the band, the biggest proof is the success that the group is doing. Before the launching of the band’s third album, they had already sold 8 million copies worldwide.

Before founding Simple Plan, was music journalist and had worked for the channel Musique Plus he had the opportunity to interview the lead singer of one of his favorite bands: The Bad Religion. It’s a big hockey fan and attends matches whenever he can with his father and friends.

Chuck got married with Jacquelin Napal on July 8, 2014 in Los Angeles and on July 1st, 2015 the couple has his first son, called London Alexander Comeau.

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