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About Simple Plan Crew

Simple Plan Crew is the official fan club of the band Simple Plan where you get access to exclusive information, photos, videos, vlogs, and other content.

Siging to the fan club, you also have priority when entering in a show of the band and you can buy your tickets in before other fans.

You also can get into soundcheck parties, what allows you to find Pierre, Chuck, Seb, David and Jeff ni person, take pictures, get autographs and chat with them.

To register, you must access the SPCrew website clicking here and submit your information. For this you must have a credit card that allows any purchases. The current price is $25 (one dollar is destined to works of the Simple Plan Foundation). By making the registration, you will receive an confirmation email and the value will be charged on the card on the next month. This submition is equivalent to 12 months; Failing this, you should renew it, for the same value.

After your submission, after some days, you will receive a kit at home, including a T-shirt, guitar picks and a signed picture. You will also receive a VIP Pass, a card that oficially tells you are from SPCrew. When you renew (year by year) you might receive shirts with new prints and new items.

Remember that your submition doesn’t gets you automatically selected for the soundcheck; for that, a few days before the concert, a form is published for you to fill it out, indicating where you’re gonna watch the show. The result comes just a few days before the show date, under “Events” on the site.

Since 2005, in the end of the year, SPCrew created a new package, an exclusive one, excluding the merch and its kits. The value of this package is $999 and allows you join the official fanclub website forum ad permits you participate on promos.

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